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J O V I E N E | S I N G A P O R E . H O N G K O N G . M A C A U



Business Management & Development | 2008 - 2016

Followed an opportunity in enterprising her talent, she then invited to become a studio operation manager in D'dreamz International, taking charge of staffing and recruitment of new instructor, facilitating the arrangement of studio program, planning on marketing campaign, promotion and membership sales. Later on she gained her skills of facility management when she hired as Gym & Facility Manager short after completion the term of an artist contract, to assist the upgrading and renovation of its wellness and leisure facility of Grand Lisboa Hotel. Later on during her time as a master degree student in HKAPA, she work on a few short term project during the breaks, as a sales leader in Physical Fitness HK, Leisure program Director for KTCC to manage and organize the all leisure schedule in the country club such as Tennis and Aquatics etc. After graduation, she was hired as Club Manager to manage and assist to establish the new business. After that, she has worked for a few successful entrepreneur and senior corporate client in Hong Kong, learnt plenty of successful business skills and then later on found and operated her own business, DWJDC & created a sub-brand "[email protected]", with her acute business sense, at the same year she founded DWJDC Event & PR Marketing, Wedding & Entertainment Production in Hong Kong which cover a bigger area from event planning, organizing to skills execution. Starting with a small amount of business model on 2011, she turn this small firm into a size-able medium profitable company in just short less than 2 years, generated close to $2 mil of profit, working on the project around Hong Kong, Macau and China with established brand in the market. With her strong negotiation skills, drive and strategy in business development, she hosted a company with more than 800 clientele in combined database, DWJDC appearing as one of the most promising brand in the central district of Hong Kong in 2012-2014. In the year of 2014, she then returned to her homeland in Singapore after exposed much to the above mentioned wellness business, event and entertainment business / enterprising in metropole Hong Kong and the great Asia. With her experienced in wellness and hospitality industry, and her unlimited zest and passion to excel, she is aspired to lead a group of passionate people and assist an organization to achieve excellent profit margin, quality service and management. Currently contracted as a Manager for Fitness, Training and Development Department in Amore Fitness (Nov 2014 - ), she is now leading its team to create another successful story of wellness business in Singapore. 



Strong analytical thinker, decision maker, good interpersonal skills & customer driven Focus, resourceful, attention to details, innovative and creative, Goal driven and work well under pressure Energetic and hands-on team player


P&L Management and Solutions, revenue and profit oriented management, sharp and analytical skills in people management, strong negotiation and persuasion skills, customer relations and experience focus, team-leader, strong ability to execute profitable business model via goal-setting, work planning, budgeting, organizing and controlling. 


Develop sales and marketing strategy, corporate branding, customer service relation management, clientele database management and campaign promotion, sourcing Management, project collaboration and negotiation.


Stage Dance Choreography, Contemporary Dance Theatre, Commercial Stage Production and Event Theme Design, Group Exercise,Dance Fitness, Body Mind Soul/ Somatics Instructor Trainer


*Manager for Fitness, Training and Development

Amore Fitness Nov 2014-current

*Managing Director DWJDC Pte.Ltd. 2011-2014

*Assistant club Manager for FitPro HK June-Dec 2011

*Leisure Program Director, KamTin Country Club June-dec 2010

*Membership Sales Leader, Physical Fitness Dec2009-March 2010

*Fitness & Gym Facility, Manager, Grand Lisboa Hotel Apr-Sept 2009

*Operation Manager in D'Dreamz I'ntl (Singapore) Dance Studio 2010

*Group Fitness, Assistant Manager, Amore Fitness, Singapore 2007-08

Group Fitness Instructor (Full Time) Amore Fitness Singapore 2005-2006

* middle to senior management position



Master of Fine Arts

Master of Business Administration (upcoming) 2017